Food Menu

Little Plates

Little Plates

  • Almonds (H)     3.90
    maple-candied, smoked sea salt, cayenne pepper
  • Marinated Anchovies (DM)    5.10
    vinegar and spices, organic, extra-virgin olive oil 
  • Finest cured / Smoked Meats (GO)    5.90
    daily selection
  • Cheeses with Wild Forest Honey or Truffel Honey from Wald & Wiese(GOP)    5.90
    daily selection
  • Mixed Preserves, Fam. Rocca, Italy (M)   6.90
    house-spiced Taggiasca & Cerignola olives, Petriolini gherkins, mushrooms, artichoke hearts in olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, hand-selected by Fam. Rocca
  • Fresh Sheep’s Cheese (GH)  6.90                                                                                                                           organic Weinviertler pumpkin seed oil, fresh seasonal vegetables
  • Winter Salad with Artichokes(M)    7.90
    winter salad, artichokes, hard-boiled egg, tarragon vinaigrette
  • Tuna Filet winter Salad (D)   9.90
    winter salad, tuna filet, hard-boiled egg, red wine vinaigrette
  • Espinaler Razor Clams (D)  8.90
    marinated garlic, red onion, Espinaler sauce
  • Espinaler Small Sardines (D)10.90
    cilantro-mango salsa, garlic mayo, soft corn tacos
  • Slow-Roasted Organic Sirloin   14.90
    organic extra virgin olive oil, smoked sea salt, salad hearts, toasted baguette
  • Pan con tomate (A)    3.90
    toasted baguette, fresh tomato, organic extra-virgin olive oil, flaked sea salt
  • SPECIALS of the day (ABCDEFGLM)    Market Price
  • Fresh Baguette (A)    3.50
    L'amour du Pain

Canned fish

Conserveira de Lisboa is a family-owned and operated cannery in Lisbon, Portugal. Fish are hand-selected, cooked, marinated, canned, and wrapped under one roof. Local fisheries supply the fish, and local producers supply the olive oil and other ingredients. All the flavour of the best of Portugal is just waiting to be opened and enjoyed!

Conserveira Lisboa, Portugal (DHNR)


  • Portuguese sardines, olive oil    6.90
  • Portuguese sardines, tomato sauce    7.90
  • Codfish filet, garlic    8.90
  • Codfish filet, olive oil, onion    8.90
  • Stuffed squid, tomatoes, onion    8.90
  • Squid stew    8.90
  • Giant squid stew    8.90
  • Mackerel filets, olive oil    7.90
  • Mackerel filets, spicy tomato sauce    7.90
  • Mackerel filets, with spices    7.90
  • Smoked Mackerel filets, olive oil    7.90


  • Small mackerel, tomato    7.90
  • Small mackerel, spicy olive oil    7.90
  • Small mackerel, curry broth    7.90
  • Small mackerel, olive oil    6.90


  • Pan Forte di Vienna 4.90
  • Cantuccini e Grappa  8.50
  • Cantuccini e Vin Santo  9.50
  • Pralines by Schokov 4.50

We use only the finest ingredients, such as Portuguese extra-virgin olive oil, untreatet citrus fruits, small-farm produced meats, and wild-caught seafood. The menu is inspired from our travels throughout Europe, the goal being to source a new product with each little journey. It‘s also a great excuse to travel.